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I'm a Linux user. I started using Ubuntu in 2006 and havn't looked back. Currently (2016) I'm running the Long Term Support (LTS) version of xUbuntu (xfce) and UbuntuServer.

A quick article that lets you know what's using your badwidth.

This article explains how to mirror a website for backup purposes.

Here is a quick script that will install Ruby on to your Ubuntu 12.04 server

This article expalins how to install webmin on a Ubuntu 12.04 server. Obviously there are a lot of other aritlces on this topic, so I'll be concentrating on troubleshooting.

This article explains how to get Gitolite up and running on a Ubuntu 12.04 server. To save time everything is in script format (copy and paste).

OwnCloud is a great dropbox/ubuntuOne/GoogleDrive alternative. Gives you the power to run your own server without having to worry about others controlling your data. I also think the features of owncloud are better than most of the other services. This article will explain how to install ownCloud on a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server.