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My name is Nick Yeoman, I created my first professional website in 1997 and have been in and out of the industry ever since. In 2009 my oldest daughter was born and I became a full time father, later in 2012 my youngest daughter was born.

Having a family made me realize that raising children is not just what you do as a parent but how the community as a whole affects the raising of children. With that mentality, I decided to put my technical skills to good use and joined the Stop A Bully team. I sat as the CTO of the founding board. Shortly after I decided to leave my position at Stop A Bully and pursue a position on the board of of Crime Stoppers. Creating a very successful social media marketing campaign along with a new website, I quickly gained a seat on the board, followed by VP then President.

Currently I work as a Linux Systems Engineer and I’m located in Summerland B.C., but I have also lived in the cities of Kelowna, Maple Ridge, Mission and Calgary.

While working, I accumulate many resources related to technology and web development and use my blog to share my knowledge.

Please feel free to contact me, if you want to talk about anything.

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