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I'm a Linux user. I started using Ubuntu in 2006 and havn't looked back. Currently (2016) I'm running the Long Term Support (LTS) version of xUbuntu (xfce) and UbuntuServer.

Screen is a linux command line tool that allows you to store sessions and create windows without a GUI. This article is just a quick little "cheat sheet" for me to remember the screen key bindings, but you're welcome to read.

Split is a really easy Linux command you can use to split large files into smaller chunks.

I don't often install Ubuntu server on a Virtual Machine (VM) so I've documented the process here. Usually you can just click "install VMWare tools" and VMWare will complete the process automatically.

I've been using Ubuntu for about three years now and I've never taken the time to learn the keyboard shortcuts. I've wasted so much time taking the extra second to move my hand over to the mouse. The purpose of this article is to quickly teach you useful time-saving keyboard shortcuts available in Ubuntu.

This article outlines everything I can think of about space on your server drives. What is taking up how much space where.

Have you lost your public SSH key? If the answer is yes, this article is for you because I explain how to regenerate your public key from an existing private key.