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Tips and tricks that will help you speed up Web Development on your Desktop. Articles are mostly related to tools you would use or install on your personal desktop while developing websites. As I do most of my development on a Ubuntu based Linux distrobution, be sure to check the Operating System is relevant to your environment.

This article explains how and why I create my new project directories, the way I do. I use a bash script to generate these directories, but you could manually set up the folders.

This article explains how to setup a Microsoft Windows machine to develop a website. This is for the times you don't have access to a Mac or Linux machine. This strategy will use what I call a WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) server to install a open source PHP CMS.

I don't work in Windows or Mac often so I always forget where the hosts file is located. The windows etc hosts file and Unix etc host file both work the same, so usage is easy.