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Google Author

Google displays the author of content in certain search results. They are doing this to help eliminate content farms. Google also mentioned they will be favouring pages with an author for their rankings calculation.

This article explains to setup authorship on your web pages

I wrote this article because I found there were a lot of "Is your "SEO Experts" stating that the meta tag keywords is important. Metatag keywords do not effect your search engine ranking in any way.

There was a time when a spammer would hide text from either the user or a search engine. This technique doesn't work because Google is really good at catching spam. This article discusses some common spam tatics that should not be used.

Are you trying to pick a domain name? or choosing keywords to litter through your site? A great way to see which words are searched for the most are Keyword tools.

Will a coming soon page hurt your rankings?

A lot of people spend a lot of time trying to get their pages indexed on Search Engines; however, there are circumstances where you may wish to remove content from Search Engines. This article explains how you can remove you pages from Search Engines.