PHP Articles

Before I was a system administrator I was a PHP Developer. These are my older php articles.

Laravel out of the box

Laravel out of the box explains how to install Laravel, to a working development condition, on a Ubuntu system using Sail and docker. Read More

Php Validation Class

This article includes the PHP class I use for simple form validation. Read More

How To Install Composer On Ubuntu

Install Composer on Ubuntu Read More

Redirect Based On Browser (user agents)

There are a number of situations where you may need to redirect the browser based on the user agent of the browser. Read More

Php Mysql Insert From Array

This article explains the PHP class I wrote which takes a Associative array and converts it into a mysql INSERT statement. Read More

Php Heredocs

Introtext-goes-here Read More

Php Sessions

This is a brief introduction to PHP sessions. Creating sessions are very easy! Read More