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There are a number of situations where you may need to redirect the browser based on the user agent of the browser. An example would be to an IE6 page, or a smartphone modified subdomain.

I used to do a lot of contests where I select a random winner. Unlike the past I don't print out all of the contestants and draw from the hat, I use a command line PHP script.

This article includes the PHP class I use for simple form validation. The intent is to use the class for simple web forms such as a contact us form. If you are working on something larger like an e-commerce site you need something more robust.

I'm hooked on using CodeIgniter which uses an active record class. This is bad because when I work on a non CodeIgniter project the work is not done for me. This article explains the PHP function I wrote which takes a Associative array and converts it into a mysql INSERT statement.

Yesterday, I blogged about custom 404 pages using htaccess. In the apache article, I hinted that you should use your framework to handle the 404 page.

This article explains how to create a custom 404 page in CodeIgniter (PHP framework).

Developers who don't use heredoc's have really annoying code to edit. Too many prints or echos. This article shows easy it is to use heredocs in php.