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This article will explain how to install zpanel on virtual ubuntu 12.04 server.

zPanel is super insecure, and I don't use it anymore, so this is in the archive unsupported.

ZPanel is a free to download and use Web hosting control panel. It is written in php, uses bootstrap and really easy to install and use.

How To Install zPanel on Ubuntu Video

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Before you install zPanel you should have a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04. Your Ubuntu instance can not have the following software installed: MySql, Apache, Bind, Dovecot, Postfix, proFTPd. If you will be getting support from zpanel in the future, please make sure to read the detailed pre-install checklist.

These instructions are for a 32bit installation, if you want to do a 64bit install just change "" to "". You can check your version of ubuntu by using uname -a, if it says "i386" anywhere you are using 32bit and "x86_64" means 64bit.

First make sure your system has curl and at installed.

sudo apt-get install curl at

Install ZPanel

As of writing the currently release of ZPanel is 10.1.0. You can go to the ZPanel download page to find the latest version and wget that.

chmod +x

Now carefully read and follow the instructions. That's it, a really easy control panel to install.