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Archived Articles

These are articles that I'm no longer maintaining, they are retired. I've not deleted them as they may still be relavant to someone. Use caution when researching.

Everyone knows you can add a custom google search to your site. But what if you need something more


I was unable to find a great resource for installing, configuring and securing a DNS server, so I


My comparison of cloud storage (file hosting) services that can be used to store and send files


Disallowing your SVN directories on your Apache webserver is easy.

This article has nothing to do with web development. It is more for my reference, but if your


This article will explain how to install zpanel on virtual ubuntu 12.04 server.

This article contains solutions to issues that cause the "Unable to write entry" error.

On Tuesday I blogged about htaccess and a custom 404 page. Also in that article, I hinted that


I've created a cheat sheet for Joomla 1.5 templates. Soon to be available on a nice printable page.

GeSHi is a "generic syntax highlighter", originally designed for the phpBB forum system. It is


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