Virtualbox on Windows

Last Updated: May. 4th 2023 at 1:20pm Tags: blog linux virtualbox windows

This is a video I created to get Virtualbox 7 installed on Windows 11.

If you're a Windows user who wants to try out Linux without breaking your Windows installation, Virtualbox is a great and low-risk tool for testing. Virtualbox is an application that lets you "visualize" multiple operating systems (OS) on a single computer host, without the need to dual-boot or directly install them directly on your physical machine.

In this video tutorial, I'll walk you through the process of downloading and installing Virtualbox 7 on your Windows 11 computer. They you can start using Linux without buying new hardware or risking your existing OS. Note: The video uses Virtualbox 7, the process should be similar for newer versions.

Once you've installed Virtualbox, you can download, install and tryout different Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, Fedora, or Arch. These installs are known as virtual machines. Virtualbox allows you use Linux without needing to commit to it as your primary OS. Although once you find out about Docker, kvm and other virtualization tools, you may change your mind.

If you're new to Linux and want to learn more, leave a comment below and I might write an article about it.

Overall, Virtualbox is a fantastic tool that can help Windows users experiment in the world of Linux with minimal risk and only time investment. Hands-on experience with Linux will give you a number of opportunities and skills.


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